>_ Andrew Murrell

  • Michigander since '92, Kenyan '98, Hoosier '01.
  • Graduated Highland High School 2011.
  • Graduated Purdue University (BS. Physics and Computer Science) 2015.
  • Information Systems Expert (project manager) in Indianapolis until 2018.
  • Freelance EDI consultant until 2020.
  • Covid-19 in 2020, currently seeking work.

Andrew is 28. He is a writer, community moderator, game designer, and computer scientist. If you know him from real life, welcome to all the nerdy stuff he posts online!

He also runs a 7000+ D&D discord server which you are welcome to join.

If you are one of his D&D (or Burning Wheel, Pendragon, Blades in the Dark, Agon, Ryuutama, Wanderer, etc) players, there will occasionally be spoilerific content in his blog posts. Those will be marked with spoiler warnings so you don't accidentally see them.

>_ Beyond the Blue Sky

BtBS is a lifelong obsecration for Andrew Murrell to look up, culminating in this website, and containing many minor multitudes of miscellaneous musings and memories. None of it is prophecy, though some of it may pretend to be. BtBS presents a vision of the world that is both optimistic and inspiring, imploring us daily to:

See the vastness of the Universe. To wonder. To wander. To win. By daring to reach to touch the ten thousand worlds within our grasp. To never forget the unrelenting risk of ruin: that we should turn away after having brushed the very vault of Heaven.

>_ Contact





There are several online commun­ities that I help manage. These communities are full of fun-loving people and are open to anyone interesting in their topics!

>_ The Discord of Many Things

The Discord of Many Things is a D&D commun­ity discord with over 7000 members and partner of the /r/UnearthedArcana subreddit. I am a longtime member, moderator, admin­istrator, and recently have taken on the role of Server Owner, managing the server in its entirety and working with the staff to determine server focus and direction. We are a friendly and encouraging place to find resources for your games and are experts in designing and formatting homebrew and houserules.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

>_ RWBY Amity Arena Official Partnered Discord

RWBY Amity Arena is an officially sponsored mobile game set in the world of Remnant. With similar mechanics to the popular Clash Royale series, RWBY Amity Arena includes most of the characters from the game as units and has an active community of players and streamers. I run one of the top Academies in the game (Desolate Academy) and serve as a moderator for the official discord, working with the media reps and providing feedback for the developers.

RWBY Amity Arena Mobile Game

>_ The Verdant Hollow West Marches

The Verdant Hollow West Marches is a D&D 5e "West Marches"-style open game server using the Verdant Hollow Campaign Setting. You are a member of the Explorer's Guild as it seeks to retake the surface world from the Dark Lord who has pushed it to the brink of collapse and to explore the Verdant Hollow, the strange world beneath the surface of the earth. Danger and unlikely allies await you wherever adventure may take you!

Dungeons & Dragons 5e


BtBS Log

23-29th of October 2020
  • Turns out RSS Feeds are NOT working automatically. Gonna try to figure out what's up with that.
  • Started setting up `:target` rules to transition automatically based on the uri and to remove that functionality from the javascript. Turns out I can get it to work to transition in but haven't figured out how to then get it to transition out again. Sticking with JavaScript for now, but cleaned up the CSS anyway.
  • Fixed the margins on all the subpages.
  • Turns out the hardest part of making the site work on any screen is going to be getting reasonable font sizes.
  • Move over BEAMS.
  • Add link to 365 portfolio to writing page.
  • Get better at actually posting updates to this log daily. Maybe I need a reminder.
17th-22nd of October 2020

DeWeese asks, "What if the machine is wrong and I feel peaceful about it?"
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

I reworked the Brainfuel page and wrote a lot of bad Javascript!

I set up the RSS feeds to update automatically.

See below for my continuing todo list:

23rd of September-16th of October 2020

So um... I reorganized the entire site, all the html, all the css, all the javascript, and deleted the elements that annoyed me. I'm pushing this today... finally. I still need to:

  • make sure that the svgs work on all the browers and OSes that I can test with
  • reformat the brainfuel page to use a nice grid
  • add a few more RSS feeds
  • set up the RSS feeds to update daily without me doing it manually
  • create a projects page
  • create a writings page
  • work on specific project pages:
    • Talent Trees
    • Waterdeep Bazaar
    • Verdant Hollow Campaign Setting
    • Feedbot
    • Serve homebrew locally in a variety of formats
Plus some other stuff probably!

22nd of September 2020

Ok, basic navbar is done. Organized a meet and greet followed by the first real session of the West March I accidentally started running. If I have time today, I'll push out the Talent Tree Explorer (moved, but not yet updated), the glorified personal RSS aggregator that is to be Brainfuel, and a way of actually turning off clippy (HA, as if I'd do that).

18th-21st of September 2020

The Church of Clippy

It started with a joke and became an obcession. I'm sorry guys, Clippy has arrived.

17th of September 2020

Okay, so I'm dropping this .part nonsense until I really need it. No need to prematurely "optimize" if I don't have any content to be worth optimizing!

One card at a time, Mizusawa!

Let's start with this awful topbar.

10th-16th of September 2020

I really need to stop taking on new projects.

Well, birthday week is over now, which means I can get back to work. Not that I WASN'T working over birthday week, but work on things that I keep telling myself matter.

7th-9th of September 2020

Dropping in a few ideas today: BEAMS and a little web text editor.

Not sure where articles and projects go yet.

3rd-6th of September 2020

It is time to tally up tasks and claim the ending of them.

WHEW, what a weekend. Family is a full-time job.

And I'm sure I don't even know the half of it.

2nd of September 2020

A hard problem is any one that can be easily started in the wrong way.

Today, I continued to work on the Verdant Hollow lore, helped out several people on the DoMT, and led a small migration of family members to the tiny utopia that is unlimited pasta and breadsticks.

1st of September 2020

The thing about being lost is that you never know exactly when it happened. You know where you're going until you realize that you don't & you haven't known for a long time.

Anyway, today I worked on a mockup for another site: HERE which will eventually move over here. It's lore for a D&D West Marches game that I'm helping out with.

Oh! By the way, if you didn't know, I run a massive 7k+ D&D 5e homebrew discord community called the Discord of Many Things. Feel free to stop by if you're interested. If I'm online, I'm the name with the crown by it somewhere near the top.

31st of August 2020

Today, a familiar story in five words: "I didn't get the job."

"Again." I could add.

And though I'm a competent fellow by all accounts, I lack an online presence of any kind outside of niche RPG circles and have quite the resume gap since the ending of my role as a project manager two years ago.

So today, I have decided to publish. Whatever I have. Whatever I can. I'll work on this site every day until it is remarkable. Until it dazzles. Until it can take me somewhere.

I'm building it in pure HTML/CSS in a standard text editor (emacs). I'm building it from the ground up using the tricks I know but have rarely put to use. I'll introduce new techniques and technologies as needed and refine or replace them periodically as I learn what fits my needs best. I'll update this log with my reasons why and commit almost everything to the site's .git repository.

I'll need content, so I'll write some.

Thank you for reading.






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