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Beyond the Blue Sky

What's New?

  1. 9.Mar.2021 This whole site! Revamped and simplified to better suit my needs going forward.
  2. 9.Mar.2021 Talent Trees v2 Playtest Document. Currently going through a whole bunch of feedback!


Human Male (28 solar cycles)
Certified in his understanding of Physics and Computer Science
Self-Proclaimed Writer, Community Moderator, and Game Designer
  • Salutatorian from Highland High School. 2011
  • Bachelor of Science from Purdue University. 2015
    Near the bottom.
    — At least he did it in four years. Plus a Concentration (Programming Languages)!
Performed Labor for Pay in the following significant capacities:
  • Anderson University. Landscaping and Janitorial Services. 2010-2011
  • Purdue University. Librarian. 2012-2015
  • Information Systems Experts. Project Manager. 2015-2018
    No idea how he charmed his way into this one right out of college. Must have been a fluke.
    — Paid well enough, but had its own set of issues in the end.
  • Upwork. EDI Consultant. 2018-2021
    Wait, is that even a job?
    — Barely. I think he just makes problems go away for shipping companies.
    Ah, carry on then.
  • Currently seeking more stable work.
Other Items of Note:
  • An Eagle Scout. (BSA)
  • He runs a a 8000+ member D&D discord server.
    Is that a lot for that sort of thing?
    — It's the biggest 5e homebrew community on the platform. You're welcome to join!
  • He runs games for people.
    — If you are one of his D&D (or Burning Wheel, Pendragon, Blades in the Dark, Agon, Ryuutama, Wanderer, etc) players, there will occasionally be spoilerific content in his blog posts. Those will be marked with spoiler warnings so you don't accidentally see them.

Culminating in this website, Beyond the Blue Sky contains many minor multitudes of miscellaneous musings and memories and more than a few failed projects. None of it is prophecy, though some of it may pretend to be.

Moreover, and more simply, BtBS comes from Andrew's lifelong obsecration to look up. To embrace a vision of the world that is both optimistic and inspiring, imploring us daily to:

See the vastness of the Universe. To wonder. To wander. To win. To dare to reach towards the ten thousand worlds within our grasp. To focus on the future and the farther shore.

And to never forget the unrelenting risk of ruin: that we should turn away after having brushed the very vault of Heaven.


As an avid fan of D&D 5e, I constantly try to find ways of improving and enhancing play for myself and my players. If you want to see what we do a bit differently from the Rules-as-Written, check out the following links and products that I've created!

My replacement for the 5e Player's Handbook Ranger class. Though a bit dated now, it was the result of months of research and painstaking analysis of over 40 existing ranger revisions.
My replacement for Feats from Chapter 5 of the Player's Handbook. Talents build upon your skills and proficiencies to allow you to more naturally grow as a character. Over 100 feats worth of new content to enhance progression!


There are several online commun­ities that I manage. These communities are full of fun-loving people and are open to anyone interested in their topics!

The Discord of Many Things

The Discord of Many Things is a D&D commun­ity discord with over 8000 members and partner of the /r/UnearthedArcana subreddit. I am a longtime member, moderator, admin­istrator, and recently have taken on the role of Server Owner, managing the server in its entirety and working with the staff to determine server focus and direction. We are a friendly and encouraging place to find resources for your games and are experts in designing and formatting homebrew and houserules.

Tags: Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Homebrew

The Verdant Hollow West Marches

The Verdant Hollow West Marches is a D&D 5e "West Marches"-style open game server using the Verdant Hollow Campaign Setting (but not run directly by me). You are a member of the Explorer's Guild as it seeks to retake the surface world from the Dark Lord who has pushed it to the brink of collapse and to explore the Verdant Hollow, the strange world beneath the surface of the earth. Danger and unlikely allies await you wherever adventure may take you!

Though I created the setting, the West March is fan-run and proceeds entirely without my direction or supervision.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

RWBY Amity Arena Official Partnered Discord [DEAD]

RWBY Amity Arena [was] an officially sponsored mobile game set in the world of Remnant. With similar mechanics to the popular Clash Royale series, RWBY Amity Arena include[d] most of the characters from the game as units and has an active community of players and streamers. I r[an] one of the top Academies in the game (Desolate Academy) and serve[d] as a moderator for the official discord, working with the media reps and providing feedback for the developers.

The game and server are now dead. Killed by Covid and a lack of care. I served as a moderator there for many years before the publishers ended all the contracts.

RWBY Amity Arena Mobile Game, Dead


Various Projects

Heartbreaker RPG about going from place to place.

RPG, Heartbreaker

You are a member of the Explorer's Guild as it seeks to retake the surface world from the Dark Lord who has pushed it to the brink of collapse and to explore the Verdant Hollow, the strange world beneath the surface of the earth. Danger and unlikely allies await you wherever adventure may take you!